[RTTY] HK0NA - is there no SSB/CW

ko1h ko1h at cox.net
Sat Feb 4 16:56:37 PST 2012

Well it must be my fault.  On Thursday I they were spotted on 30m cw.  So I 
posted a spot that in essance said 10140 hk0na rttypse

Not a few hours later they were on rtty all over the place.

As stated later in this thread I noticed when I haddnt work them yet on rtty 
that they had almost 50k ssb q's 40k cw q's and not quite 3k rtty q's this 
was early last week.

Perhaps there was a plan....

Great Dxpedition
de John ko1h

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Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2012 16:09:25 -0500
From: Dave Barr <recordupe at verizon.net>
Subject: [RTTY] HK0NA - is there no SSB/CW
To: rtty at contesting.com
Message-ID: <4F2C4D05.3020406 at verizon.net>
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At 2100z Friday (2/3) HK0NA was running RTTY on 14080, 18100.1, and
21081.6 simultaneously.   Is this a first ever for a dxpedition?  Is
someone running SO3R, or are they just trying the ultimate "spead-out"?

Kudos! I can't complain with 2 qrp qsos.

73, Dave, K2YG

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