[RTTY] WPX Funnies

Bob, WB2COY wb2coy at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 14 09:07:17 PST 2012

I noticed the '599 000 000'  when I was S&Ping  during the ARRL RU with 
N1MM. If I clicked on a callsign in the DI window, but did not click on the 
calling station's report or move the cursor in the Entry Window to the area 
for the report, my report got sent with a serial number of 000. Normally I 
click on the Run station's report before I send a reply, but there were a 
few times in the heat of the moment that I hit my 'Send Exchange' macro 
beforehand, resulting in the anomaly. I quickly learned to make sure I 
either clicked on the report or at least Tab'ed over to the next field 
before transmitting. I don't recall having this happen in any previous 
contests. I was using the latest N1MM version at the time of the RU.

Bob - WB2COY

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