[RTTY] Re. What does it take etc?

Jack West w7ldxp at embarqmail.com
Sun Feb 26 19:20:21 PST 2012

I had a small HF station running a Heathkit HW-100 and a Commodore C-64
computer using a MBA-TOR plug-in plugged into the game port in 1988. I had
not considered RTTY contesting thinking my station was out classed and I
would not have a chance.

I met Bob, W1UBH, on a business trip to NH. Bob was excited. He showed
me his RTTY RU score published in QST. He then showed me he had bettered
his score in the previous year. His station was modest, low power, with a dipole
located in the attic of his house. He told me he did not have a chance of winning
anything, so he decided to compete only with himself. I thought, "What a concept".

I was in the next RTTY Roundup test with my HW-100 and C-64.  I had a
ball. I believe I have entered every RU since. I may never be in he top ten, but
I guarantee I will be having FUN!

It was a big disappointment when QST stopped publishing all the RU scores.
I wonder if they realized the pride and joy those smaller scores used to bring
to the RTTY contesting community? They motivated my contesting efforts just
like they did Bob.

73 de
Jack / W7LD / "Lucky Dog"

(using a K3 and a laptop) 

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