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The persistent snubbing of NA on RTTY is getting tiresome, especially with
few days of the operation left. Maybe the NA response should be for the DXCC
Desk to refuse to accredit the operation on the basis of violation of the
rules of fair play. I'd gladly forfeit my two new band countries to send
these guys a message.

>>>Nelson, what you interpret as "snubbing" is most likely 7O6T not hearing
your signal because stronger signals are obscuring it.

>>>My QTH near Boston is closer to 7O6T than yours. I use a 4-element
Force-12 beam at 80' and 1200 watts; it took me many hours of calling across
two different 20m pileups before I made a QSO. At no time did I think I was
being "snubbed"; I just wasn't louder than other signals in 7O6T's receiver
on the frequency I was calling.

>>>Sadly, it's become customary for frustrated ops to publicly whine about
their inability to work DX; this is one tradition we should lose. If DXing
was easy, everyone would be at the top of the honor roll on every band, in
every mode. My advice to you, to myself, and to every other DXer is "improve
your station, and improve your operating skills".

>>>DX is!


       Dave, AA6YQ

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