W0MU Mike Fatchett w0mu at w0mu.com
Sat May 12 08:29:15 PDT 2012

They seem to be missing one of the prime spots on 20m at least for the 
western USA.  That is 0200-0600.  We consistently hear stations from 
that part of the world in that time period.

Maybe the ops don't understand that there is a good opening there or 
they prefer a different bad at that time period.  Maybe there are other 
reasons for not being on in that time period on RTTY.

There is "skimmer"technology, MMVARI,available for RTTY it does not 
appear that many dxpeditions are using it.

Like I said I am very thankful to have the contacts I do.  RTTY will be 
icing on my cake.

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