[RTTY] Disgusting Display

Tom Martin tmartin at chartermi.net
Sat May 12 19:57:33 PDT 2012

Even if he had come back to me tonight, I wouldn't have printed it.  "UP UP and LIDS LID LID W4AMP W4AMP" steady on 14.080.  After the "cops" and the guying using W4AMP forever quit, 7O6T's signal went down in the mud.  Good copy here from 0030 Z to about 0130 Z.  A 4 element SteppIR and 1200 watts hasn't gotten through yet after 4 hours of calling for two days.  By the time I got to 17 meters, he wasn't printing.  

I get a kick out of the guys in other parts of 8-land that say they are in the "Black Hole". Try it from 45 degrees North with the Northern Lights illuminating the U.P. skies!!!

Still some time left.



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