[RTTY] Intentional QRM on 7O6T 17M

Bill Turner dezrat1242 at yahoo.com
Sun May 13 14:16:11 PDT 2012

OK, fine. What is the answer? QYF will stop the jamming and kops immediately. "Nailing" jammers one at a time is not the answer either. There are always more. The best approach is to render jamming ineffective. 

I'm open to better suggestions. 

73, Bill W6WRT

> From: Steve Jarrett <k4fj at aol.com>
>The QYF suggestion is not the answer.  It worked poorly for the Bouvet operation 
>and other operations where it was used.  I remember the experience vividly.
>The real answer is to nail the sucker, but that may be difficult unless we can identify
>a general area where the signal came from, and, then, we will have to get lucky to find
>the person.  I suspect a repeat offender that will show up often.
>Good luck to those still needing 7O on rtty.  I am sure the ops are overwhelmed by the
>numbers from EU with better prop.
>73, Steve, K4FJ
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