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Ron wrote:

"They announce QRX for 5min and the pile still calls...."

There's really nothing wrong with this although I don't do it myself.
Yesterday when they were working on EU on 17 meters, they said
QRX. A few minutes later when they came back on, they came directly back to
a W3 station without calling CQ. So a W3 station got
through the EU pileup this way.

What I hate is when the DX comes back to a station and clearly has the other
station's callsign, but others continue to call. I
understand that on RTTY, more than other modes, you could be transmitting
while the DX is sending his report and you don't know he
has already come back to someone so you continue to call. But I've watched
stations who I'm sure have seen the DX come back to
someone only to keep calling. And I also understand that if you don't see
the callsign of the station the DX is giving a report to,
you might think it's you and you call again. This is not good practice
either. This happened to me yesterday when 7O6T came back to
me on 17M RTTY. A USA station was calling on the DX station and I only got
part of my call. Since I wasn't sure, I didn't call
again. I just waited and sure enough they came to me a second time and I got
my call 100% the second time. There was no need for me
to call again.

The best way to work RTTY DX is to do it by committee with others
communicating via a 2 meter repeater. This is what we do here and
is probably why at one time we had 8 members of the Delta DX Association on
the RTTY Honor Roll. When a rare DX station is found on
RTTY, we would announce it on the repeater and call other members on the
telephone to have them come up on the repeater. Everyone
spreads out and calls the DX (if they are operating split). The first one to
get through becomes the announcer. The announcer is the
one to then calls out on the repeater when the DX station is transmitting so
everyone else can drop their transmission. The next
person to get through becomes the spotter. The job of the spotter is to find
the frequency of the last station worked by the DX. He
announces it when he finds a frequency. This has worked for years and years.
It's very efficient. Try it, you'll like it.

I was thinking about this the other day. I was the announcer for someone
trying to make a contact. When the contact was made, I
didn't need to announce anymore, but I thought it would be cool if I could
announce it on the Internet when the DX was transmitting.
This way, those people still transmitting could drop their transmission and
listen to who he was working.

I have also "announced" "somewhat" over the DX Cluster via T TALK but that
only works for one station. I have also spotted using T
TALK. I suppose this sort of thing could be done over Skype but I haven't
tried. I'd be willing to do it if some sort of network
could be established. There have to be strict rules like we have on the
repeater. No other traffic is allowed when we are doing

>>>The IRC #CQDX channel could be used for global tag-team DXing. DXLab's
SpotCollector provides direct access to #CQDX, and there are other free IRC
clients available (e.g. MIRC).


      Dave, AA6YQ

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