[RTTY] 7O6T again

Ron Kolarik rkolarik at neb.rr.com
Tue May 15 18:53:15 PDT 2012

Today they were blasting in on 15m before some of the worst behavior
I have ever seen took them out for the last 4 hours of operation. They 
were calling for NA when a jammer came up with NA ONLY, NA ONLY.
It went on for over an hour before they started working EU again and
then it stopped, the jammer was definitely EU from my bearing and
confirmed by internet receiver before I lost the net connection. The worst
thing was the US jammer that took over for some payback, really

So I was thinking about the situation and throw this out for consideration.
There are internet based receivers all over the world that anyone can 
control. What about using them to get things narrowed down by signal
strength then have local hams with directional antennas pinpoint the bad
guy? Coordinate over the internet and then supply the information to
Guido, bad idea but I'm tempted, or the local enforcement authority. The
perps need to be removed one way or another.

Never did get them or 6O0CW, next time maybe.


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