[RTTY] change in pile up procedure

Bill Turner dezrat1242 at wildblue.net
Tue Feb 4 20:06:30 EST 2014

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On 2/4/2014 4:51 PM, W5XB wrote:
> I forget to push that split button...of which I am quickly
> reminded...sometimes more politely than other times.


Again, working QYF you don't work split. A rig with only one VFO can do 
it just fine.

1. Find the DX station.
2. Move up to a clear frequency.
3. Keep calling him until one of three things happens:

1. You work him.
2 You start getting QRM on your frequency, in which case you move.
3. You get tired and give up.

As long as you're not getting QRM'd, just stay put and keep calling.

You can monitor the DX clusters for a spot that says he went QRT. If the 
DX is being considerate, he will make his own spot saying QRT or ask his 
pilot station to make it for him. Or somebody will.

73, Bill W6WRT

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