[RTTY] What's cleaner: FSK or AFSK?

Bill Turner dezrat1242 at wildblue.net
Wed Feb 5 20:39:15 EST 2014

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On 2/5/2014 5:31 PM, RLVZ at aol.com wrote:
> Am I understanding recent comments  correctly that say "FSK stations
> typically have worse RTTY sidebands  and clicks than properly adjusted AFSK
> stations"?
> I wondering whether to use FSK  or AFSK on my K3 and FTdx5000.  Or perhaps
> AFSK on the K3 and FSK on  the FTdx5000?  (which method would create the
> cleanest  sidebands?)


 From a thousand miles away I just heard Chen's ears prick up. Stand by 
for a dissertation.

Fire away, my friend.

73, Bill W6WRT

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