[RTTY] LoTW confirmation rates

Joe Subich, W4TV lists at subich.com
Tue Feb 11 10:49:46 EST 2014

> Its too bad there isn't as much reflector traffic praising LotW now
> as  there has been (in the past) complaining about it.

It's easy to hide a problem by spending $$$ to move it to faster
hardware.  To date nothing significant has been done to resolve what
the LotW Advisory Committee calls LotW's "substantial technical debt."
A second developer has not been hired to focus specifically on fixing
basic issues with the LotW code and implementing new awards (e.g. WAZ).
Now staff wants a *second* system (why don't they fix the disk system
and use the old hardware?) as a test platform, etc. and the current
IT Manager is wasting time on things like the ARRL Centennial QSO
Party ... and disabling features that don't work correctly.

LotW will get praise when it is fixed ... putting a bigger engine in
front of a transmission that is inefficient doesn't fix the problems
in the transmission even though the car goes faster for a while.


    ... Joe, W4TV

On 2/11/2014 10:23 AM, Ed Muns wrote:
> Agree, for me as well, since the major LotW IT upgrade several months ago.
> LotW has been up 99% of the time and nearly instantly processes my logs,
> even right after a major contest.  I uploaded my 4143 QSO P49X WPX RTTY log
> yesterday and it took all of 6 minutes after I hit ENTER to see the 43% QSL
> hit rate on the entire log.  Pretty impressive at less than 24 hours after
> the contest!
> Its too bad there isn't as much reflector traffic praising LotW now as there
> has been (in the past) complaining about it.
> Ed P49X/W0YK
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> John WA5ZUP wrote:
> LOTW runs poorly?
> That sure is not my observation.  LOTW has been running better than it ever
> has lately.  Log files large or small are processed in minutes instead of
> days like in the past.  The system is up most of the time, again a major
> improvement.  My 1200 contact log file this Sunday was processed in 10 to 15
> minutes.  They upgraded the server etc not too long ago.
> ------------------------------------------------
> Ken AB1J wrote:
> Here's my observation of relative mode confirmation rates in LoTW and  eQSL:
> JT65 > PSK > RTTY > CW > SSB > FM
> It sort of goes along with computer skills and maybe age.
> I'm currently running 49.5% confirmed in LoTW.  If I took out all the  old
> QSOs from 1960-1999 I'd be well over 50%.  I think this is  remarkable and
> partly explains why LoTW seems to run so poorly now - it's a  victim of it's
> own success.  A lot of my confirmations come from digital  and RTTY QSOs.
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