[RTTY] New font

Rex Maner k7qq at netzero.net
Wed Feb 12 22:54:08 EST 2014


Here is one that has the  0   Zero.


Andale mono has the zero with a dot in the center of the Zero.

Rex K7QQ,  

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On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 4:59 PM, Bill Turner <dezrat1242 at wildblue.net>
> I have come across a new (to me anyway) non-proportional font with a 
> slashed zero which has a very nice look to it. It's called ProFont and 
> you can download it from http://tobiasjung.name/profont/

Is there a Western Union or other TTY font around?  There was an authentic
"mill" font mentioned in QST the other month and I installed that - looks
slick then CWget prints telegraphy.  :-)  Would like a matching one for

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