[RTTY] Results of Worked All Europe DX Contest (WAEDC) RTTY

iw1ayd - Salvatore Irato iw1ayd at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 18:18:57 EST 2014

Hi all.
I'd just received, well some half hour ago - and some more windows 
patchy time, a mail from Helmut DF7ZS.
He and the staff of the WAEDC ended the WAE DX Contest RTTY 2013 ranks 
checking and published the final results.


Well done! TU to the whole group DF7ZS, DF1QR, DL2NBY, DJ4MH and DLMHW. 
You all have done a great and more than timely job.

That's another place where I will like to be again this year another 
time: TU all for the Qs and the patience for the QTCs.
WAE DX Contest RTTY is, from my personal point of view, a unique and 
great event. Even if you don't like QTCs. CU all there next time.

Not to say that any Contest, yearly, is a different beast due to my 
small experience on that. Happy to grow up there, even when on an 
ancient e-mail list ;-)  ... and last but not least I have to say TU to 
the whole IQ1RY staff as its premises and the aerials setup went 
instrumentals for my small but suffered year 2013 result. Hope to be 
there several more times, neh!

              73 de iw1ayd Salvo

PS Hi Mike N2QT, hope that this year it would be more easy for us, isn't?

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