[RTTY] Being the fox - pileup running

James C. Hall, MD heartdoc at nwtcc.com
Tue Feb 25 22:29:10 EST 2014

Hi All:

I will be W1AW/4 during the 3rd week of March running RTTY. I need a little advice. I, like many, use N1MM with MMTTY and 2Tone for demodulation during contests. Being the 'DX' for this one means potentially split operation, something I do routinely to put DX in the log when I'm chasing - but not being the DX.

On our DX club reflector, it was suggested that I consider MMVARI and use its multi-channel RX and browser. This sounded appealing to me as I could use my mouse and just click the QSO's into the log (using DXpedition mode). I'm set up for FSK operation. With a waterfall type operation, I worry about not tight enough filters to effectively copy the signal. It looks good and I'm reading more on it such as using the Align button to get the target signal properly tuned. I'll use either my Mark V or my K3. I do have a P3 panadapter, so that's another option to line up and click signals.

I plan on starting simplex and using stacking. If it gets too thick, I'll run split. Stacking looked like a good idea for DX'ing until you realize that there's a lot of jumping around on the frequencies in the split window - probably not practical. My macro responses will be designed for speed - probably as short as Ed W0YK's !

So, what do DXpeditioners et al do ?

73, Jamie

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