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Great input from the "Dark Side" !!

Thanks for the info

Rick - WU6W

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Hi all, and a very HNY to you all!

JT65, and JT9, are modes that you can indeed use when RTTY would be
inaudible. I prefer JT65 for no apparent reason, but JT9 is certainly more
efficient, both in terms of bandwidth, and power levels used.
I've been using both (but mostly JT65A) for some while now, and it is
amazing what you can work when the bands are flat.

When I first started, I thought it would be good to join the JT-user group
on Yahoo. It seemed pertinent, and would be useful in finding out what is
good practice.

Well, that was not my experience of that particular group! They were
extremely anti-RTTY, and I when I mentioned that I used both modes, I ended
up with more than a few direct emails that were enough to make me decide to
un-join the group, and quickly!
There are several users that specifically use RTTY during a contest to tell
folk to clear off the JT65 frequencies. They generally won't provide a
callsign, and I saw a couple of users letting others know the best ways to
interfere with RTTY signals.
These are calls I now avoid like the plague when I am using the mode.

OK, I know it is good practice not to interfere with others users of the
band, and it is fair to say that you may often not be able to hear them,
which doesn't mean they aren't there, but these few were very anti-RTTY, and
made very few comments about CW invading "their space" during the likes of

Simply, it is NOT "their space", as digital modes are allocated a space
where you can use whichever mode you choose.
That does not mean I will intentionally get in their way, but they are a
very vociferous lot.

If you have not yet tried either of these modes, then I can recommend them,
as it is an impressive tool.
I've managed VK/ZL and W6/7/VE7 with just 20 watts of JT65 on 10m when RTTY
would simply not work.
The apps by VK3AMA are extremely useful with either, and can me made to log
into your logging software automatically.
At 5 minutes per QSO, it is not a rate mode, but still useful!

There, that's my rant, off my chest, and done with.

73 de Phil GU0SUP

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