[RTTY] The Empire Strikes Back....... RM-11708

James Setzler jms_k1sd at verizon.net
Tue Jan 7 19:05:58 EST 2014

Au contraire.  


K1ZZ is in my ARRL RTTY RU log @ 23:14z on Sunday.  He was running on 20m.
I heard him several times during the day.


    73 James K1SD


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Subject: Re: [RTTY] The Empire Strikes Back....... RM-11708

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Obviously K1ZZ wasn't operating in RTTY RU!


Talk about high handed dictatorial nonsense.   At least I delayed my

Reply Comment long enough to see and respond to this nonsense.  We'll

see if ARRL tries to revoke my Life Membership after I called them a

bunch of gutless liars who would sell their souls for a bowl of gruel

but not in those words.




    ... Joe, W4TV



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