[RTTY] Cut Numbers Revisited

Rex Maner k7qq at netzero.net
Tue Jan 7 22:13:57 EST 2014

I'm not sure I worked this person, however from the comments from numerous
Operators about the TOO 9h,  I suspect that the calling station had
something set incorrectly on the TX end. 

Rex k7qq

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I worked this station also, and I was copying TOO 9h. Several times. It was
obviously 599 OH, but always came in as TOO 9h. --Mike, WV2ZOW

On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 4:12 PM, DickT-W0RAA <dickt at w0raa.com> wrote:

> I am somewhat mystified why RTTY contesters send TOO for 599 in a RTTY 
> Contest or 5NN.  Are they saving anything (characters or time)?
> I had one station in Ohio (I won't give his call) that was sending a 
> report of TOO 9h.  When I asked his State he kept repeating 9h.  
> Finally he sends OHIO.  This was the RTTY RU contest.
> I looked him up on QRZ and dropped him an e-mail and mentioned 
> (politely) that a 9h was a little confusing and that he may not be 
> aware that he was sending CUT numbers.  I suggested he check his 
> program (I suspect he was using N1MM and had a box checked to send CUT 
> numbers).  He replied in an e-mail "OK".
> I was just about ready to send him a NIL (Not in Log) response in the 
> contest when he sent me OHIO.  Nobody should have to spend time when 
> running or S&Ping to try to figure out what somebody is sending.  It 
> breaks the rhythm in a contest and slows things down.  I guess I'll 
> just have to learn that OH is 9h.  Duh!!!!!  I wonder what the CUT 
> number is for FL or AL or LA, etc, etc?
> It would be great if all of these hotshot ops would drop the cut 
> numbers and send just plain English.
> Dick
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