[RTTY] Rm 11708 in ARRL BOD

Joe Subich, W4TV lists at subich.com
Thu Jan 23 20:00:25 EST 2014

The following was sent to my director this afternoon ...

I'm extremely disappointed in the Board ...

 > 51. Next moving to Directors’ motions, Mr. Rehman moved, seconded by 
 > Mr. Fenstermaker, the following resolution which was ADOPTED:
 > 	WHEREAS the Board of Directors has received inquiries
 > 	concerning RM-11708 (the symbol rate petition); and
 > 	WHEREAS it is imperative that the Board of Directors inform our
 > 	membership in a uniform and comprehensive manner;
 > 	BE IT RESOLVED THAT the ARRL Board of Directors instructs staff
 > 	to immediately prepare a set of Frequently Asked Questions
 > 	(FAQ), along with their answers concerning RM-11708 and place
 > 	these FAQ onto arrl.org with a static link on the home page for
 > 	the pendency of RM-11708.

Where is "listen to our membership and act on their concerns?"  This
strongly smacks of "Newington knows best - the rest of you peasants
sit down and shut up.  We will tell you what to think and when to
think it."

 > 18. The Chair opened the floor for nominations for the Executive
 > Committee. Dr. Woolweaver nominated George R. Isely, W9GIG, Bob
 > Vallio, W6RGG, Mike Lisenco, N2YBB, Cliff Ahrens, KØCA, and David
 > Woolweaver, K5RAV. On the motion of Mr. Bodson and second of Dr.
 > Weaver it was VOTED that nominations be closed. Mr. Isely, Mr.
 > Vallio, Mr. Lisenco, Mr. Ahrens and Dr. Woolweaver were declared
 > elected (Applause).

At a time like this, how can the Board elect the architect of RM-11709
(K5RAV) to the Executive Committee - particularly when he nominated

Has the entire Board of Directors taken stupid pills?  RM-11709 is bad
enough but to "reward" its architect by allowing him to nominate
himself to the EC where he can do so much more damage to Amateur radio
is an outrage.


   ... Joe, W4TV

On 1/23/2014 11:32 AM, Mark wrote:
> The board of directors minutes are out at
> http://www.arrl.org/files/file/ODV/January%202014%20minutes%20FINAL.pdf
> Rm11708 items are item 47 and 51.  Interesting to see the NO votes listed in
> #47.
> Mark. N2QT
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