[RTTY] TS2000 and AFSK

Lee ham at n0sq.us
Thu Jan 30 19:21:56 EST 2014

Joe Subich, W4TV <lists at subich.com> wrote ..
> That is incorrect.  Pin 9 PTT mutes the microphone input - the mic
> jack on the front of the transceiver (Mic jack).  Pin 11 is PKD -
> you connect AFSK (or TNC, MCP, etc.) audio there - Pin 9 (PKS) selects
> PKD which disables compression and clipping.  READ THE MANUAL - see
> the description of ACC2 on Page 95.

That's not my understanding of the manuals description of the pinouts.

> If Pin 11/Pin 9 work in N1MM Logger and do not work in fldigi, you have
> a configuration issue with fldigi and should seek help from those who
> know fldigi.  Make sure fldigi is actually triggering the PTT line on
> pin 9 and not trying to switch the rig using CAT commands since they
> likely to be wrong (equivalent to pin 13).

FSK works fine with N1MM but AFSK doesn't. So, it's not a software issue since 
AFSK doesn't work with fldigi, either.

And yes, the rig is being keyed on pin 13 and not by CAT. When I used FSK I 
keyed the rig with ACC2-9. As I previously stated, AFSK does not work when 
using ACC2-9, also, and my understanding from the manuals description of the 
pinouts I'm suppose to use ACC2-13 anyway. Either I have a rig config problem 
or I have a bad ACC2 jack or something internally wrong with the rig.

BTW, I'm testing on 20 meters and USB and using my Icom 706 to monitor what's 
being transmitted by the TS2000 into a dummy load.

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