[RTTY] Problem with N1MM logger Plus receiving QTC's

David Levine david at levinecentral.com
Sat Nov 8 13:26:04 EST 2014

Dick - Switch to N1MM Classic. Issue on N1MM+ list identified but no
workaround for receiving QTCs.

K2DSL - David

On Sat Nov 08 2014 at 12:30:13 PM RLVZ--- via RTTY <rtty at contesting.com>

> There appears to be a serious problem with the new N1MM Logger  Plus
> receiving QTC's in the WAE-RTTY Contest.  When I select "Receive  QTC's"
> via the
> CTRL & Z command, the receive QTC window appears just as  it should, but
> most
> of the time it won't enter the QTC Header when I select it,  and then
> Logger Plus locks up.  I've had  other hams tell me the same thing, such
> as: "I
> can send QTC but not  receive QTC with N1MM logger Plus".
> I realize I should post this problem on the N1MM Logger Plus  Reflector but
> am hoping someone here on RTTY@ contesting has a simple fix for  me.
> Perhaps I need to do more then just click on the QTC Header to get it
> entered?
> Thanks,
> Dick- K9OM
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