[RTTY] n1mm classic log then pop : panic at F6FDR !

Fabi va2up at live.ca
Tue Nov 11 10:35:28 EST 2014

Hi Pat,
Larry and Rick already gave their answers to you so you got it from the best. Just to add from personal experience , in the situation when having stacked calls for working multiple stations  'NOW..routine'   I have had less trouble in simply hitting the spacebar (if necessary) to get the next reserved caller into the entry window and  WIPE. Spacebar again to bring the next caller in. I also occasionally use the 'right click' into bandmap technique mentioned by Larry but at times this has caused other glitches so I find the first option more consistent especially for instance when you're working the guys and one doesn't come back to you, just wipe his call and spacebar the next one, no delays...everyone is happy.


Fabi  va2up

> Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2014 10:00:43 +0000
> From: carettep at yahoo.fr
> To: rtty at contesting.com
> Subject: [RTTY] n1mm classic log then pop : panic at F6FDR !
> Hi friends, since  few contests I try the logthenpop macro. As well as using QTC,  I learnt it from excellent K8UT wiki video. I am not a big runner (low power) but I sometimes have a problem : If I make a mistake in the log window catching a callsign, I enter the correct call and the bad one is going to log then pop process, it stays there until I make a fake "now..." call.( I am not sure I am clear due to my limited english but) I can not get rid of the mistake. Is there a solution ? The result of this situation is that I loose ESD comfort (enter, enter) until  I fiw by the the fake txing.
> I thought a qsy should empty the stack but not (is it usefull to stay with a pile when qsy'ing ?). 
> I have not made the big jump to N1MM+ even if I got it ...
> Thanks for contesters help.
> I apologize not to be yet on N1MM newsgroup
> 73 pat
> ps: thanks to all entrants contacted in last WAE.
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