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Jim Hargrave w5ifp at gvtc.com
Sat Nov 22 09:30:44 EST 2014


I crossed that bridge last year and have been very pleased. 
My  XP bit the dust in an electrostatic burst during a storm.

I bought a  HP Quad core machine with Win 8.1.
I installed 2 PCIE cards (2 serial + 1 Par in each). This gave me 4 serial
and 2 Parallel ports.
I have a USB sound card for digital programs,
I have a USB2Serial (FTDI) that works very well with Win8.

 I Run Logger32 w/SO2R and use a parallel port for Antenna switching,
another for FSK Keying.
The 2 internal cards and USB2Serial adapter was around $50. 

Windows 8 takes some getting used to, but my radio programs are running

Jim - W5IFP

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>> I have been researching the replacement of the three XP machines here in
>> the shack and the results have been discouraging. None of my programs:
>> word processing, spreadsheet, logging, rig interface, and scanner
>> programming is compatible with
>> WIN-7 let alone WIN-8.1.
>> In addition, my interfaces for the printer(s) [non-serial, but parallel]
>> USB compatible either! I currently have five serial interfaces, but my
>> USB ports have yet to operate with serial adapters. I believe this is
>> my USB ports are USB-1 type (just plain old)
>> Obviously, I do not have an unlimited budget to replace three computers,
>> two printers, all the software and still be unable to interface with my
>> I've got a JRC JST-145 (interfaced with LOGic) and an ICOM IC-756 pro-II.
>> Any helpful suggestions welcome.
>> Thanks ES 73
>> de Phil - N8PS
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