[RTTY] *** GMX Spamverdacht *** Re: OT Computer Assistance

Schmidt-Eutingen joheschmidt at gmx.de
Sun Nov 23 08:31:58 EST 2014

Hi Phil et al,

in MHO there is no reason for objecting - and for you -
no need to apologize at all.

The *silent majority* of us who have similar issues,
for sure profited from the answers.  And *clogging plethora*
- my goodness - there have been themes on this reflector
- far less important - with quite a few  ****  comments.
(Trying to be polite, I substituted the appropriate
expression by ****).

Let me thank all of you for the comments, they are
really appreciated.

My 2 (Euro)cents

73 Heinz DK 7 UM

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Subject: *** GMX Spamverdacht *** Re: [RTTY] OT Computer Assistance

> Thanks to everyone for their comments and suggestions in my quest to
> upgrade.
> I must apologize to those who sent personal email objecting to my use of
> the
> reflector to create such a clogging plethora of OT messages. That was not
> my
> intent. Perhaps I should have requested personal replies rather than
> asking
> without that consideration. I am sorry about that.
> Regarding the multitude of responses, I was truly blessed. I'm wading
> through
> all of the email and contemplating what to do. There are three major
> streams
> of thought and each has its own pluses and minuses. What I did learn is
> that
> far more considerations exist than I had ever imagined. Now, to determine
> what
> is best for me will require additional research.
> Again thanks to all. And, please feel free to send email to me on this
> topic
> off list.
> I appreciate gleaning from the best of the best in Ham Radio.
> Sincere 73,
> de Phil - N8PS
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