[RTTY] W1AW/5 Louisiana 160M RTTY tonight

Don Hill AA5AU aa5au at bellsouth.net
Tue Nov 25 22:56:22 EST 2014

I want to try 160 meter RTTY tonight after I finish up on 80 meters. The pileup on 80 is quite intense and more than I remember from
last time. I'm not sure I'll clear this out by 0400Z, but when it does slow or stop, I will move to 160 meters sometime after 0400Z.
I will announce it on the cluster.

I am anticipating transmitting at 1807 kHz listening up 1-2.

After the 160 meter session, I would appreciate direct emails on my signal strength. Saturday I installed my first ever 160 meter
transmit antenna. I spent a few hours Sunday tuning it and it tuned very nicely on the lower end of the band. So far it seems to
work very well as I've worked five countries on CW and quite a few states on JT65 (low power). I will be barefoot tonight. Depending
on reports from tonight's effort, I may use the amp later in the week.


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