[RTTY] Yippee! DE logged

Phil Cooper pcooper at guernsey.net
Sat Nov 29 13:09:51 EST 2014

Hi all,

Just wanted to thank whoever it was that gave me W1AW/3 DE on 12m RTTY
earlier today.

Now I only need GA to complete a full house on RTTY only.

Also bagged W1AW/5 on 15 & 12m RTTY, plus W1AW/KP4 on 12m.

I will look for W1AW/3 tomorrow, and Monday/Tuesday, to see if I can add a
few more band-slots, but I am happy to have made it at all.

Still trying to increase my points total in the Centennial QSO Party, which
currently stands at around 6500 points.
I'd love to get to 7500+ points for the higher award level, but it's going
to be hard now, unless I can find a few more with high-value points.
I did manage to get Sean KX9X on two bands last weekend though, which was
good at 75 points a go, and also W1VT at 50 points and K1RO at 30 points.

Looks like most activity will have to be on 17/12m this weekend, but I will
be chasing other bands as and when time allows after this CW contest.

73 all


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