[RTTY] BARTG HF Contest 2015 Preliminary Results

Simone Wilson m0box at btinternet.com
Sat Apr 4 21:05:30 EDT 2015

CQ Contest,


Preliminary Contest Log analysis of the 2015 BARTG HF Contest has been
completed. Adjudication has now entered the enquiry phase and to aid I have
published preliminary results. You will find them at this address




The results shown here are DRAFT. They are the result of the initial
automatic adjudication process. They are NOT the final results. Positions
can and will change once proper analysis of the issues is made.


These are posted for your information and so you may download your
individual UBN. If you see any problem that you wish me to investigate then
please email me.


You will have received an email from the robot when you submitted your log
highlighting the errors it found in the log you submitted. I have had to
delete several logs that do not conform to the required exchange data
(usually missing fields) which renders them useless for cross checking


If you need to modify and resubmit your log in light of the UBN data, please
email me to advise you need to modify your log and I will then respond. I
will send your log back to you that is the one the robot has given to me.
The robot processes your original log into a consistent form right for


To request a copy of your log for modification or for any matters arising
from the UBM data for your entry, please email me at logs at bartg.org.uk
<mailto:logs at bartg.org.uk>  only. Emails to this email address will NOT be


No new log submissions will be accepted.


Concerning the BARRTG 2014 HF Contest Results, adjudication is now complete
and awaits only the allocation of award certificates prior to publication,
these being downloadable fron the results page itself. I expect to make an
announcement in the next two weeks.



73 de Simone. M0BOX

BARTG Contest Manager


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