[RTTY] BARTG HF Contest 2015 Preliminary Results

Phil Cooper pcooper at guernsey.net
Thu Apr 9 13:13:03 EDT 2015

Hello Simone and the group,


As you said, as contest manager, you have the choice, which is as it should be.


However, there is another point of view….

If you are a contester, casual or serious, and you don’t know how to set up your logging software correctly, then I believe you should be penalised.

If you think I have copied a time wrongly, then it’s reasonable for me to be penalised.

However, if I copied it correctly, but the sender logged it incorrectly, I should not be penalised.


I know Writelog includes the program name in the Cabrillo header, and I assume that N1MM does the same, but maybe you can clarify this?


I know that if I entered the wrong category, I would be penalised, and I don’t really see this as different.


Looking at my original RBN, I see that I have a few where the time is off by one or two minutes, so I assume these will now be corrected.

However, I have a few where the time is so far off as to be questionable.

One is with G3TTJ, where I copied 1242, but the RBN says he sent 1016. I simply don’t believe that is correct.

Another is with GI4SNA, where I clearly received 14:24 which was sent twice, but the RBN shows I should have logged 1509.


I also have a couple of NIL’s, including WW4LL, whose exchange was clear to me, as was my call. Also, there were SQ9DDA and YO7CVL, both of whom called ME, so I am not sure why the NIL.


This is NOT a complaint, but simply to point out some potential adjudication issues.


Simone, I have the text dump from MMTTY to back this up, should you wish to see it.


Obviously, there needs to be a rethink on how the rules are interpreted, and maybe someone with some N1MM experience can issue some guidelines on how to correctly set the time macro?






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