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I have thought about doing just that. Using it to select the best from the
decoders that are built in to 2Tone. What seems to an experienced human to
be a simple task to choose the best decode is very difficult to do using

2Tone already does some of this. The Selective decoder treats the two tones
as separate signals and then combines them to give the best result. This is
why selective decoder can copy on a single tone and in often do while
getting callsign out of a pile up.

I have been thinking about another system that uses diversity receivers. So
you have two receivers on different antennas. Typically this could be a K3
with the two receivers in diversity mode. 2Tone would then take the data
from left and right channels decode the 4 signals (2 tones from left and 2
tones from right and then combine them together to give full automatic
diversity reception. The improvement in signal to noise could be substantial
depending on the propagation and the antennas used.

I have suitable radio, K3, to do this with but at the moment not suitable
antennas. I am just starting to put together a new station at my new QTH and
in the planning will look at maybe having the potential on a few bands to
utilise such a system. However diversity version of 2Tone is more likely in
2016 than 2015.

73 David G3YYD

When contesting I operate SO2R and I operate with two 2Tones per radio. One
is Flutter decoder and the other Selective. I then the human choose which
one gives the best decode when decoding is marginal.

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The true breakthrough in RTTY decoding will come when some smart programmer
takes multiple copies of 2Tone (with different profiles) plus multiple
copies of MMTTY (with different profiles) and GRITTY, eliminates the low
confidence decodes  and integrates the resulting "clean" data into a single
interface.  That will free the user from constantly scanning multiple
decoder windows and mousing from decoder to decoder to capture
   ... Joe, W4TV

Ahhh HA!  The human brain can do such.  What logic in a computer program can
determine what is correct?

Knowing what is correct is the battle.

Jim W7RY

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