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Bill Turner dezrat at outlook.com
Mon Apr 27 14:03:27 EDT 2015

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>GRITTY AFC is superb. I hate hate hate MMTTY AFC, if I leave it on all the
>time it wanders off to infinity. 


The need for AFC has always been an annoyance for me. AFC was
developed back in the days of crystal control when crystals were not
necessarily all on the same frequency. Now days with VFOs that is not
the case, or shouldn't be. 

Ironically, the reason AFC is still necessary is because people use
AFC incorrectly. People tune across the band and when they get near a
station, the AFC reaches out and "grabs" it, and so people stop
tuning. If you are using FSK or AFSAK with NET disabled, that means
your RX is on one frequency and your TX on a slightly different one,
hence the need for AFC. AFC is its own worst enemy. 

You can help alleviate this by keeping AFC off during S&P and being
sure your MARK tone is at its default. N1MM Logger has check boxes to
assure this happens automatically. In older versions of Logger, these
boxes are NOT checked by default. Hopefully this has been or will be
corrected in later editions. I haven't done a fresh install of Logger
in a while so I don't know. 

Only during running should you have AFC on. 

Hope this helps.

73, Bill W6WRT

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