[RTTY] Strange tones at beginning of RTTY transmission

Jim W7RY w7ry at centurytel.net
Tue Jan 6 00:25:57 EST 2015

I too wrote down a callsign down that was sending that. Seems to me it was a 
KB or KA station. Note is in the shack...

Glad you helped him Dave!

Jim W7RY

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From: Dave Hachadorian
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Subject: [RTTY] Strange tones at beginning of RTTY transmission

Every now and then, I encounter a RTTY station whose transmissions begin 
with a strange two-second series of tones before sending RTTY.  I jotted 
down one such call sign from the RTTY Roundup, and sent the gent an email 
this morning, asking about his setup.  He replied that he had noticed it 
too, and after some further digging today he found out that he had had RSID 
enabled in his Ham Radio Deluxe DM-780 software.  He said that after he 
disabled RSID, his transmission sounded normal.  Mystery solved – at least 
in his case.  Below is what the DM-780 Manual says about RSID.

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ

This is the icon to toggle your RSID on or off. For those not familiar with 
RSID, it
stands for  Reed-Solomon ID
RSID was originally developed by Patrick Lindecker, F6CTE.
The Reed-Solomon ID (RSID) is a short 16-tone MFSK transmission which 
identifies the mode in use. The RSID transmission is
about 180Hz wide and lasts for just less than two seconds.
You should enable RSID when using an 'exotic' mode such as Olivia so that 
users of programs
with RSID support know what mode you are using.  For a full list of modes 
supported by this
program look in the Program Options for Modes + IDs
There are two ways to enable RSID:
1 In
Program Options
select Modes + Ids and check the
option to show the RSID button in the

2 Add the tag <rsid>
to the beginning
of a CQ macro. The latter is most recommended since it is rather annoying to 
have the RSID
popup coming up EVERY time a contact transmits during a QSO. By including 
the tag in the CQ
macro, the RSID information only displays when the CQ is received.

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