[RTTY] Lids running RTTY on the JT65 Frequency

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I'd like to know how he knows there was such a stomping on other  digi 
sigs. on all the bands?.....Were all the segments he is ranting  about packed 
with JTXX sigs all weekend all the way up to xx.80?.......just  wondering...
Mike W2GR
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john at kk9a.com writes:

Why are  you not complaining about CW on these frequencies.  During CQWW CW
the  bands were packed all the way to xx.100.

John  KK9A

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> The  other problem is often the JTx guys run SSB type bandwidths

I  understand the SSB type bandwidth/tuning in the waterfall behavior.
However  setting that aside, there were dozens of RTTY signals dead on
top of JT9  and JT65 stations this weekend.  The issue is that RTTY
operators  don't know - or care - about the 48 seconds on/12 seconds
off/2 minute  cycle of JT65/JT9.  If a frequency is vacant for even a
second some  RTTY operator will press F1 there.

The only real solution is score  reductions for those who transmit
(particularly those who run) below  xx.0805 mark - particularly on


... Joe, W4TV

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