[RTTY] Lids running RTTY on the JT65 Frequency

Salvatore Irato iw1ayd at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 07:44:06 EST 2015

I agree Ed.
Staying out of theirs - JTxx - slice could be done, quite easy. I hope
they - JTxx - all could do the same. I wish I had do this quite
Sometimes I failed I know. But not for this I am a lid. cast the first
stone who is without sin.

So we have also other to do ...

We have also to say this - please respect the mode/QRG slices - to all
other OMs. I am thinking, at first, to DX expeditions still use -
specially for the lower  WARC - theirs (JTxx) claimed QRGs since
It is not that trivial in several ways.

So x580 x740 x140 xx080 xx100 xx080 xx920 x080 are not to be used by
DX Expeditions?

All those QRGs but particularly 10140 and 18100 are the most
endangered by JTxx all the time from the EU perspective. Quite nothing
was done by those JTxx guys over years.
Now that we are already reachable on this email list or others email
lists the problem arise ... when nobody had taken care of over years
and years of DX expeditions(?).

OK, I understand and agree with the proposal not to make involuntarily
QRM, I stress involuntarily for several good reasons. Not the last we
have had voluntarily and willingly interferences on each DX

I could have wrote wrongly my ideas but this problem still remain and,
if not, the JTxx guys would take care of it we must take care of it as
the RTTY guys. Isn't?

May I ask to change the tread title as Lids running JTxx on RTTY
frequency. It seems more appropriate by now. Asking to others for
changes is a must today, when somebody would not change his
habits.There are always two sides to every coin. Starting with saying
Lid to others doesn't seem a good way to get into a discussion. The
final sentence seems to be is already written prior to, in this case,
the debate.
Nonetheless we could and should have that right and clever attitude as
you Ed, it's understandable clever and agreeable. But we need also to
change other "rules" and gentlemen agreements all over our tiny and
precious world.

Hope not to have harassed anyone, but things and facts out of my
personal opinions may show  "the unabridged truth".

I hope we aren't wall to wall each other or the real life, ours and
others real life - haven't teach anything after all those years of
bits, filters and stop bits and complex decoding algorithms.

Where we would get today?

          73 de iw1ayd Salvo

PS those QRG attribution show plainly how - xxxx? - could shape
themselves theirs life and then cry to others.

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