[RTTY] Cabrillo error

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Sun Jan 11 16:58:41 EST 2015

Even more confusing.  I worked a VY2 and he sent PE, not PEI, but WriteLog 
accepted it and scored it correctly.

Gary AL9A

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I too was confused by the abbreviations during RTTY RU.  So here is
the mults as listed in the RTTY RU Rules....

5.2. Multipliers: Each US state (except KH6 and KL7) plus the
District of Columbia (DC), Canadian provinces/territories: NB (VE1,
9), NS (VE1), QC (VE2), ON (VE3), MB (VE4), SK (VE5), AB (VE6),
BC (VE7), NWT (VE8), NF (VO1), LB (VO2), NU (VYØ), YT (VY1),
PEI (VY2) and each DXCC country. KH6 and KL7 count only as
separate DXCC entities.


On 10 Jan 2015 at 17:16, Ed Muns wrote:

> David VE3VID wrote:
> In the Cabrillo header, the LOCATION: line should be your ARRL/RAC
> section. (Non-US/VE stations insert 'DX'.)  Nunavut is in the
> Northern Territories RAC section, 'NT'.  But the contest exchange in
> RTTY Round-Up does not use sections, rather states and provinces.
> Therefore, Nunavut is 'NU' in the exchange.  It is confusing.
> One participant told me he was frustrated when you kept sending 'NU'
> to his request for a number.  Turns out he mis-read your call as
> YV0/VE3VID. Several ways to be confused.   ;>)
> Ed W0YK
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> David VY0/VE3VID wrote:
> The robot accepted NT for the log.  Confusing since NU is my section
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