SIMONE WILSON m0box at btinternet.com
Mon Jan 12 07:15:58 EST 2015

CQ Contesters,

The new BARTG season is nearly upon us with the January contest in a couple of weeks time. As you know I have taken the role of Contest Manager for BARTG and have been working on the January and March Test entries extracting them from emails. I have had a lot of work to rejig a lot of these entries to get our software to accept and process them successfully. finally I have been able to do so and whilst these results are not quite ready for public consumption they have provided the necessary information to update our EXPERTS category list for 2015. This should be published by the end of this week and you will get to the list via the usual route from our website,

Now we have the robot entry system in place, it will present me, and the adjudication software, with files that will work. You should pay particular attention to any warnings the robot gives you, resolve these issues and resubmit your log. These warnings are there for a reason, I won't give any leeway to a log that has warnings posted but not actioned.

From March HF Contest onwards, the entry window for all BARTG contests will be reduced from 30 days to 7 days. There will be a period of 21 days in which I will run the logs through adjudication and email entrants with any queries that are raised. Final adjudication will then take place after the expiration of the 21 days query window. Logs submitted after entries close may be accepted, but the entrant will need to email me to advise me of their late submission as I will not otherwise  redownload logs from the robot after the 7 day period has elapsed.

I am doing this to provide a more rapid results service to our customers.

73 es GL in the test OM

Simone Wilson - M0BOX
BARTG Contest Manager

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