[RTTY] ARRL BOD minutes published

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Minutes for the January 2015 meeting are here:



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The complete minutes are interesting.  They'd be more interesting if we had a news reporter/analyst providing interpretation, especially regarding the ethics discussions.


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great,  if it is not a condescending move,,, "OK you told us, set down and shut up" type of thing...there is a lack of trust felt on my part here,,, then again I went through incentive licensing where the ARRL took away what we had and we were rewarded by having  to regain what we already had.
it is ironic that we have to take measures to fight our own organization  for our right vs, what the ARRL is proposing.
The ARRL  should be advancing our rtty  bands, etc,, not taking away to accommodate special groups.
john w8wej
On 1/26/2015 9:58 PM, WW3S wrote:
> Thanks Mark for posting.....it appears maybe they ve learned a lesson, taking it to the membership for input before a final recommendation....
>> On 1/26/2015 3:55:01 PM, Mark n2qt (n2qt.va at gmail.com) wrote:
>>> The minutes from the recent Board of Directors meeting was just 
>>> released. Key points
>> of interest are below, the pending request for comments on the 
>> currently undisclosed band plan proposals and the creation of novice 
>> and technician data mode Privilidges on 15M.  There was no mention of RM-11708.
>> Excerpts from minutes below:
>> 22. Mr. Roderick briefed the Board on the report of the Ad Hoc HF Band Planning Committee. The report outlines its proposals by band. It is the intent of the committee to take the listed proposals to the ARRL membership and seek input before submitting a final series of recommendations to the Board.
>> The Board next moved to consideration of Directors’ motions.
>> 39. On motion of Mr. Rehman, seconded by Dr. Boehner, it was VOTED that, consistent with Minute 9.1.3 of the October 4, 2014 Executive Committee Meeting, the HF Band Planning Committee is instructed to add RTTY and data privileges for Technician and Novice licensees in their existing 15 meter subband to the proposed band plan changes to be sent to the membership for review and comment.
>> Mark. N2QT

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