[RTTY] ARRL BOD minutes published

Scott Schultz schultz0530 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 22:39:09 EST 2015

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From: Peter Laws
Subject: Re: [RTTY] ARRL BOD minutes published

"In fact, have the DBA flip all the 51k remaining Advanced class licensees 
to Amateur Extra while he or she is in there messing with it."

This will NEVER happen because they don't want it to happen!

>From what I have seen on various forums (or is that fora?), the only reason 
that Advanced ticket holders don't upgrade is because they don't want to be 
in the same class as us guys who can't prove that we passed a 13 wpm code 
test some time before April 15, 2000. I mean do they really honestly think 
that someone will look up their callsign and actually be impressed by the 
fact that they passed a 13 wpm code test at some time in the distant past? 
How low does your self esteem have to be hang on to an Advanced ticket 
because you believe this will impress anyone? And why would I care what 
anyone thought about me based on my license class? If someone thinks less of 
me because I am an Amateur Extra, that is totally their problem, not mine! I 
got into amateur radio for my own pleasure and enjoyment, not to live by 
someone else's standards.

de Scott NØIU

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