[RTTY] JA RTTY on 80 during the CQWW

7L4IOU ncb02761 at nifty.com
Mon Sep 28 22:20:47 EDT 2015

Hello Jeff,

JA RTTY band plan on 80m is as you understand, 
and I agree that your approach is the rational. 
I will QSP your mail to our (JARTS) mailing list.

73, Hisami 7L4IOU

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Subject:  [RTTY] JA RTTY on 80 during the CQWW

Effective this year JA RTTY ops may operate between 3520 and 3575 KHz. 
used to be 3520-3530KHz. (They can also operate a range above 3599 but
squeezing into that 1KHz sliver for US ops seems like a bad 

This year I tried running at 3574 with just a handful of contacts, 
at least I got JA in the log on 80 for the mults. The idea being I would
still be close enough to the 3580 range to get other S&P.

Later, I am wondering if that was a bad choice since JA antennas might
still be tuned for the lower end.

I'm just wondering if anyone tried a different approach with any degree 

73 jeff wk6i

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