[RTTY] Decoder performance on crowded bands

Jerry Flanders jeflanders at comcast.net
Wed Sep 30 20:39:35 EDT 2015

I Agree - Don suggested it here a few years ago and as soon as I read 
his post, it made perfect sense to me. I have put a CQ at the end ever since.

Thanks again, Don.

Jerry W4UK

At 08:19 PM 9/30/2015, Bill Turner wrote:
>------------ ORIGINAL MESSAGE ------------(may be snipped)
>On Wed, 30 Sep 2015 23:19:58 +0000 (UTC), Don wrote:
> >After years of experimenting, CQ AA5AU AA5AU CQ seems to be the 
> perfect CQ macro for me, especially when I'm SO2R.
> >73, Don AA5AU
>As I recall,, Don was the first op I ever heard use this technique. It
>caught on immediately, for good reason.
>73, Bill W6WRT
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