[RTTY] Skimmer spots dropped at VE7CC cluster node

Lee Sawkins ve7cc at shaw.ca
Wed Sep 30 21:19:01 EDT 2015

These links may be interesting to some of you. These are the typical rejected spots of any CC Cluster. 

RTTY skimmer spots are considered valid if spotted by ONE Skimmer. RTTY Skimmers are generally more accurate than CW and there are simply not enough of them to use 2 or more Skimmers to validate them. CW spots are valid if spotted by 2 or more Skimmers. 

Here is the list of dropped Skimmer spots by the VE7CC-1 cluster. 
If you connect to the RBN directly, you will receive all these spots as well as the good ones. 

Many times there are two calls in succession that are dropped for RTTY calls. I am receiving data from both the RBN and DL4RCK for redundancy. Usually they both spot the same RTTY calls. 

Most columns are self explanatory. 

The number directly before a skimmer call is a quality number. It is the number of times a call has been detected as correct minus the number of times it is busted. When the number decreases below 5, it is no longer considered valid. If the active call has not been spotted in 12 minutes it is also no longer considered valid. In one place, for 9A1A the quality number is over 2000. This means 9A1A has been spotted over 2000 times on the same frequency! 
"Sysop added" means I have manually added a call to the list because it is busted all the time and is never good. 



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