[RTTY] NS RTTY this Thursday (N1MM+)

Claude Du Berger duberger.miousse81 at globetrotter.net
Wed Aug 2 14:51:41 EDT 2017

N1MM+ Users...  We have a new RTTY module to replace the SPRINTLADD (CW module) used for RTTY.
It was not compatable with the new Score Board. https://contestonlinescore.com 

We can test it this thursday.  The new file is   NSRTTYDUPE

I have also updated the NAQPRTTY  Call History with the new file name in preambule to have it
automatically enable. (enable Call History lookup) 

Install the version Experimental version posted today on N1MM+ in Files.


Thanks to  John K3CT for his help.

73, Claude VE2FK

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