[RTTY] Fwd: SCC RTTY Contest this weekend

Bostjan Voncina - S55O bostjan.voncina at gmail.com
Fri Aug 25 17:12:49 EDT 2017

a reminder for tomorrow's contest.
hope to read you..ill be working as s51a.

 SCC RTTY Contest this weekend


Just to remind you.... 24 hour SCC RTTY Contest this weekend (20th in the
row), starts on Saturday at 12.00 GMT.

Please read the contest rules before entering the contest:

Pay attention on the correct year exchange (single op., multi op.) and
categories SO AB HP, SO AB LP, Single band and Multi Op.

Previous results and contest rules are published on the SCC home page:

There are also a lot of other information about the contest: current SCC
RTTY Rules, all results from previous years, SCC RTTY records, different
statistics, "on line" Certificates printing  for all SCC RTTY contests
(1998 - 2016)...

Please read the rules <http://lea.hamradio.si/scc/rtty/rttyrules.htm>
before the contest.

All submitted logs in Cabrillo format must be uploaded from the Log
Submission web page
<http://lea.hamradio.si/scc/rtty/rtty_log_submission.htm>* no later than 48
hours after the contest* (Tuesday, August 29 till 11.59 UTC).

Wish you good propagation and a lot of pleasure in the contest!

73 Robert, S57AW
SCC Contest Manager

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