[RTTY] RTTY Roundup log submission deadline reminder

Stu Phillips stu at k6tu.net
Fri Jan 5 14:27:24 EST 2018

There is some glimmer in the darkness of the Ether…

My understanding is the ARRL Contest Branch historically had the availability of the results pegged to the publishing schedule of QST – because of lead times (and publishing calendars), this lead to delays that are simply unacceptable today.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that preliminary results from the ARRL SS were recently published – that’s still a 2-month delay but heck, it’s a major improvement.

So, I’d encourage continued lobbying on the Contest Branch and your Division Director (I suspect they would appreciate some distraction from the bylaw excrement tsunami they brought on themselves) to get contest results published ASAP.  The folks who run the actual result checking have the process done in short order after the contest – so the rest comes down to “administrative review” and related BS – for which there is no excuse and I, for one, have ZERO tolerance.

For the Makrothen RTTY Contest, we made the goal of having the formal results published in less than 30 days after the close of log submission – for which we set a 7 day window (and still received a couple of complaints when the window closed from late submitters).  We are able to hit this with some time to spare despite the demands of the day jobs.


Err… 73!
Stu K6TU


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    I always wondered about that, too. What other justification could there be that it takes that long to score a contest other than that the software runs on an Intel 4004 processor and it needs that extra time? It is rather silly in this day and age that it takes this long to score a contest, but you get penalized when you're a day late. I got my certificate I think just two weeks ago. 
    I'm all in favor of immediate online scoring. It's rather pointless to work your behind off in a contest only to get the results by the time you almost forgot that you worked the contest and pretty much don't care about the results anymore, or worse, you became a SK in the meantime. 
    --Alex KR1ST

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