[RTTY] Request for RTTY Roundup stories and pictures

Jeff Stai wk6i.jeff at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 13:54:24 EST 2018

I write the QST results article for the RTTY Roundup.

The article is only as good as the input I receive from all of you, the
operators that participated.

Please send clear, in focus, high resolution photos of your operation in
the contest. Send the big files, I can take it. ;)

And also your stories - trials, tribulations, and your successes and
milestones. People really do want to read about this!

You can send in reply to this email, or in a separate email, or point me to
where you have stashed them - blog, website, etc - whatever works.

I will acknowledge all submissions, so if you don't get one, please follow

Oh, and get those logs in! Deadline is FRIDAY!

Thanks and 73! jeff wk6i

Jeff Stai ~ wk6i.jeff at gmail.com
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