[SCCC] Need to borrow portable mast

Ken Widelitz widelitz@gte.net
Wed, 11 Oct 2000 17:33:30 -0700

I found a nice hillside place up in Arrowhead at about 7500' with a clear
shot and sharp drop off from 90 degrees to 300 degrees that I'm planning to
use for the 10 meter contest. I can put one yagi on the rear balcony that is
up about 30' off the ground. The only other place to put another antenna up
is on a walkway with wooden rail on the front of the property. I need to get
up about 30' to clear the house and make the antenna play. It can rest on
the walkway against the wooden rail and be guyed from there.

Anyone have (or know of) something that will do the trick. It need only
support an A3S and small Radio Shack TV rotor.

73, Ken, K6LA, Ken Six Los Angeles


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