[SCCC] Fwd: [CQ-Contest] NCCC Mini SS Nov 1,2

Doug Brandon dab@home.com
Thu, 01 Nov 2001 09:09:02 -0800

For anybody that needs a warmup...

 >Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2001 07:31:36 -0800
 >From: ken keeler <kenkeeler@jazznut.com>
 >Subject: [CQ-Contest] NCCC Mini SS  Nov 1,2
 >Hey Sweepstakers:
 >NCCC invites anyone interested to join in our SS warmup on Thursday and
 >maybe Friday nights at 05Z.  The club net will meet near 3830, have a short
 >Q&A on SS tactics, then have a short version of Sweepstakes near 3550 and
 >7050.  The main point of this is to check out logging software, station
 >lashups, and help newcomers get used to the contest format.
 >Check in or monitor what goes on at 9 PM PST.  Rules for the mini SS will
 >be announced on the 3830 gathering.
 >Are you ready for SS?

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