[SCCC] XE2MX e-mail address

N6ki@aol.com N6ki@aol.com
Sun, 25 Nov 2001 04:06:15 EST


    Pepe, XE2MX in Ensenada, now has e-mail.
His address is


    Pepe is very active on 6 mtrs lately with a  Kenwood TS-60S
and I built him a 5 Element 6 mtr Yagi on 16 ft boom and installed
it on his 32 ft tower. If you need his grid square DM11, you might drop
him some mail for a 6 mtr sked.

    I hope to work you all in NAQP CW in January from his station.

73, Dennis N6KI  (aka Loco, MX)

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