[SCCC] N6VR Sprint effort

Jessica Benny jbenny@rain.org
Sun, 08 Sep 2002 14:17:33 -0700

N6VR effort:

              Band      QSOs     Points
                  80             59         59
                  40            104        104
                  20            112        112
                                  275        275   X   44 multipliers
=  12,100

     Club or Team Name: SCCC #1

Only mult I heard and did not work was VE6 (80m). Condx were poor on
80m. Flutter on local and stations North on 20 & 40m. Might have gone to
80m too earily (0305z).

Had SO2R capability, but my mind could not cope with all the signals and
effort! In a way it may have slowed me down a few Q's, but overall I
wasn't able to fully get in the swing this time.