[SCCC] Fwd: NAQP CW Mini-warmup Friday night

Doug Brandon n6rt at arrl.net
Fri Aug 1 09:41:26 EDT 2003

For anybody who needs a NAQP warmup:

Hey NAQPrs:

NCCC invites you all to join in our usual pre-contest warm-up, before many
challenging contests.  It's a great opportunity to check out your logging
software, station switching, etc.  Most of us uncover problems in the
'mini' which would be very costly in the real thing on Saturday!

This mini will commence at 03Z (Friday local time 8 PM PDT, 11PM EDT).  The
sun has not yet set on the west coast, but we don't want to deprive you
east coasters of your beauty rest.  Let's try three bands this time, 20,
40, 80, up 40 Khz from the bottom.  We'll go 20 minutes, till 0320Z.  If
you feel like joining the critique/score reporting on 3830 at 0330Z, jump
in there with the QRN!


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