[SCCC] LPT-620 Tower For Sale

Alan C. Zack k6acz at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 5 18:23:20 EDT 2003

SCCC/SCDXC/KI6X Please post following to members:

FOR SALE: Force 12 mini crank up tower:
Description as per the Force 12 Web site:
LPT-620 - 6' sections, 20' extended
4 sections, 70 pounds
6’9" nested height
20’ extended height
22 sqft windload at 60 mph*

More details at:


I use this tower with a Cushcraft MA5B mini beam.  I have a HOA with
CC&R's so keep it cranked down level with my patio cover then crank it
up to it's full 20 ft height when on the air.  I bought it a little
over a year ago at the 2002 Intl DX Convention in Visalia.  It is like
new except I painted it a desert sand color to match the stucco wall
of my house.  It can be bolted to a concrete slab, in my case my
patio, and it comes with wall mounting brackets.  It has a top plate
with holes that matches any rotor base.  Also good for portable, field
day ops, on a RV, etc.

I paid $1100.00 for it.  I am asking $800.00.  Prefer local pickup in
Anaheim as packing it up and shipping it would be a hassle.  Force12
charges $150.00 to crate and ship it from their factory.  One man can
easily carry it home in a mini pickup truck as it weighs only 70 lbs
and cranks down to a 6 ft length.

Please call (714) 282-9218 or email me if interested.
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